Get to Know the Team: Ashley Hain

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted a blog post, but we’re happy to be back with a new one this week!

Recently, we’ve started introducing our team on here, starting with our awesome CEO Stacey Ball. This week we’re moving on to introducing another member of our team: Ashley Hain who is our Social Media Expert. She answered a few questions so that you can all get to know her a little better.

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1. So, what exactly does a Social Media Expert do?

I work with Stacey to find ways to help her business grow and reach new people through our social media platforms that include our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You also may have guessed that I am the one who writes the blog for Stickman, which I do! I also travel to some events throughout the month and take photos that I share on our various social media platforms.

2. What made you want to become part of Stickman Painting Studio?

I’ve known Stacey for a while now, having worked with her at my day job for about a year. So, when she approached me about joining her team, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. She created a position for me, and I am forever grateful to be a part of this great team!

3. What do you do outside of Stickman Painting Studio?

I work full-time at Starbucks and also work as an independent contractor. I went to school for a conglomeration of writing, editing, and publishing, so I am always looking for new opportunities in my field. I also hope to publish my own novel and collection of poetry at some point in the (hopefully near) future. As well, I’m slowly getting into photography and run my own travel blog + instagram that I update not as frequently as I would like. Photography, traveling, and writing are passions of mine, and I’m glad that Stickman Painting Studio recognizes my talents and allows me to work on things I already love doing.

4. What is your favorite part of working for Stickman Painting Studio?

Stacey is an awesome manager to be working under, but mainly my favorite part is that working for Stickman is just downright fun. There’s always something new and interesting to post about and Stacey always puts on great events. Attending them, writing about them, and promoting them doesn’t even feel like work. It’s a great company to be a part of.

5. Are you an artist or artistic in any way?

Not in the way that Stacey and her team are, but writing and photography are artistic in their own ways. Still, I have been taught by Stacey that anyone can paint! It is true that even if you think you can’t draw a stick man to save your life, you can actually paint much, much more! I’ve painted more than what I thought I was capable of with Stacey as an instructor.

6. What are you looking forward to in the future with Stickman Painting Studio?

I am looking forward to watching Stickman continue to grow as more and more people learn that we’re out here and that signing up for a class with us is just downright fun. I’m excited to learn more and new ways to help Stacey promote her business and more ways that we can reach people to let them know that we’re here and ready to teach you how to paint.

7. What are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy writing and photography as previously mentioned, but I also really enjoy traveling. I’ve been to nearly 40 states and 11 countries, many more than once. I love getting out and experiencing new things. I also love hiking and enjoying nature. There are some really great hiking trails in Wisconsin and I’m happy that it’s getting warmer out again so that I can get back out there. I’ll try just about anything once and am always looking for new adventures.

8. Did you always know you wanted to be working in this line of work?

Not at all. I was a child of many dreams jumping from wanting to be a teacher, to an actress, to a doctor, to a singer…the list was endless. It wasn’t until I was 17 when my life goals really started to become clear. I wanted to be so many things, and I ended up finding a passion that would be able to let me be anything I wanted. I don’t mean this in the literal sense, but choosing the path of being a writer has given me opportunities to explore and experience so many things. I get a little taste of everything without having to choose just one path. There’s always something new around the corner, and I’m excited to see where this continues to take me in life.

9. What do you like most about the Stickman Painting Studio?

I love the team. They’re all so incredibly friendly and have a desire to actually teach people how to paint. I always feel inspired when I work with Stacey, as well as the team, on new projects. There’s constantly something new to learn and experience. The Stickman Painting Studio run awesome classes that are so much fun to attend, and I love seeing people coming out and joining them. There’s always a smile on my face when I’m doing work for Stickman, and I don’t think there’s much more I could ask for out of a company that I’m working for.

10. Why would you recommend Stickman Painting Studio for people looking for something to do on a weeknight or weekend?

There’s never a dull moment, and the Stickman Team will always bring out the best in you. Even if you think that you can’t paint, I can assure you that Stacey and Her Team will make sure that you realize you can. Plus, not only do you get to come and enjoy a night or afternoon of painting, you get to take home your piece to remind yourself that you can do this! It’s always a fun atmosphere, and I honestly cannot recommend Stacey’s studio enough. And, I’m not just saying this. I was a customer before I was an employee and there was always something that kept me coming back for more. I think any person would feel the same way after their first experience. There’s always something new and fun going on to experience here at Stickman, and I want you to be a part of it!

We hope you liked learning more about Ashley. We’ll be back soon with something new to talk about or another Staff Member to introduce.
And as always we encourage you to contact us with any questions or book with us. We always love seeing both new and returning faces at events!